Now you have found a great freight forwarder, is it time to add new products to your portfolio? Do your clients ask you to supply new products but you don’t have the time to find them? We now have the answer for you..

Destination Global Trading

Teaming with the best sourcing companies in the world we can now provide a large range of products, from Timber to Tea Towels, from China to Chile. Through our worldwide network we can get the best options for you. We screen the manufacturers, supply samples, negotiate pricing and save you time.

World Class App

We have created a world class app for you, so you can see what stage your order is at, how that sample is coming along or when it will be ready to ship. The shipping is then handled by the trusty team at Global Destination Forwarding! It could not be easier, so click here to get started now!

Global Destination Forwarding’s Sourcing Solution

Global Destination Forwarding also have a great sourcing solution. If you are looking for new products (or to sell your great products to the world) we now provide a great service for you.

Product Sourcing and Negotiation

International sourcing of products. Give us the details and we will do the rest. You may have a great idea, a niche product, or a gap in the market. That is where we come in. Our team searches the world for the best product under your requirements and negotiate the best pricing for you. They then handle the samples, ordering and quality control. There is full visibility during the whole process and our handy app shows you exactly where all your enquries and orders are.

One area of this sourcing solution that is incredibly exciting is that our sourcing solution is Approved for Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), which means we can provide goods and packaging as per Amazon’s terms. No more headaches for you, allowing you more time to strengthen your product range.

But we are not limited to products suited to the Amazon market place. We also source commodity products, mining and engineering equipment,

Contact us today to find out more, or jump right in and sign up for the app now (its totally free!)